Shona Alexander, 61, pled guilty to attempting to smuggle a mobile phone into Perth Prison. 

Alexander attempted to take the item into the Prison on the 14th December 2023 at the request of her son, who is currently remanded there for rape. His sentence is for 11 years. 

Alexander hid the phone in her wheelchair. It was hidden inside a balloon, concealed in an Aero wrapper, and hidden under the seat cushion of her wheelchair. Alexander was subject to the initial search over her clothing as she entered the prison and nothing was discovered. She entered the prison and before she reached her son and was approached by officers and cautioned for the purpose of a more thorough search. 

At this point, Alexander admitted to officers that she has a mobile phone concealed and handed it to them. No other items were recovered. Alexander was transparent with officers from the outset and admitted to bringing the phone in at the request of her son. 

She admitted to the offence and has been sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work as a result.