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The crime of theft is the taking of property belonging to another with intent to deprive the owner permanently or on some occasions temporarily. Fraud on the other hand usually involves a false pretence intended to induce someone to part with money or goods as a direct result of that false pretence. We deal with these types of cases almost on a daily basis and can give you sound experienced advice and representation in the District, Sheriff and High Court.

Credit Card Fraud

This can be quite a difficult crime to prove against anyone accused. It is of the utmost importance to seek early advice from an experienced criminal lawyer. In some cases that advice can prevent a formal prosecution.

Benefit Fraud

We have a wealth of experience in this area and frequently represent those accused with benefit fraud. We have considerable experience with Social Security legislation and will investigate your case carefully. These cases are usually complex and prepared by the Department of Social Security employees with no expert legal knowledge. We have high level of success in defending these cases.

Mortgage Fraud

This is a complicated area of fraud which is difficult for most criminal lawyers to defend given a lack of knowledge of the conveyancing and lending process together with experience variations of surveyors opinions on value. We have an in depth knowledge of all of these matters including the Proceeds of Crime Act and have a sound grounding not only to understand the more complicated frauds but give you early advice on the sufficiency of evidence against you and prospects at trial.

Fraud Lawyers Glasgow

Success Stories

Mr X, was charged with 2 attempted frauds and attempting to pervert the course of justice

“My original lawyer told me to plead guilty as I could not get off. I transferred my case to Mr. Kilcoyne. When he read my file he told me that the prosecution had problems and I should go to trial. The trial lasted two days and I got off on all three charges on some legal point. I am delighted I contacted him.”

Success Stories

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