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John Kilcoyne Solicitors are highly experienced in defending false sexual allegations ranging from rape to sex trafficking, sexual assaults, historical sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, and downloading child pornography. We have been involved in many high profile and complex cases. We have acted for many innocent and falsely accused clients. We have acted for professionals and people of impeccable character with no previous experience of the criminal justice system.

A false sexual offence allegation can be a very traumatic and humiliating experience. It requires skilled and sensitive handling. Your reputation, personal relationships, career and freedom are at stake. We provide expert advice and robust representation whilst supporting you and your family throughout the case. We are only focused on one result – winning your case or getting it dropped. At the investigation stage we take a proactive approach in attempting to persuade the prosecution to drop the case. We start building the defence from the very outset We investigate social media activity, cctv enquiries, internet, text messages, emails, other forms of electronic communication, relevant medical evidence, tracing witnesses to support your case and timelines supportive of the defence. We instruct leading forsenic experts. We are proactive and continue to persuade the prosecution to drop the case. We don’t give up. We win many of our cases and save clients even going to trial.

We will analyse the evidence and give an expert opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We understand the complexities of building a successful defence. We will assess your case from every possible angle. We will advise you on all available defences and assist you in developing a case strategy. We are focused and committed to getting results for our clients.

We have a high level of expertise in
  • Rape
  • Historical Sexual Offences
  • Child Abuse
  • Indecent Images
  • Sexual Assaults

  • Sexual Communications
  • Grooming
  • Revenge Porn
  • Trafficking
  • Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009

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Sex Offence Lawyers Glasgow

Success Stories

Mr ….. Glasgow.

“I was charged with 2 sexual assaults. There was three witnesses against me and I had no witnesses myself. It was complete lies and I was having sleepless nights. This type of conviction would have ruined my entire life. Mr. Kilcoyne was very sympathetic towards me. He spent over an hour with me going through every little detail of the case. When that case went to trial I was delighted after the first day. He did such a professional job of exposing the lies. I knew then I had the best lawyer I could have hoped for. I was found not guilty and feel such a weight has been lifted. I would recommend Mr. Kilcoyne to anyone .”

Mr D …. Glasgow

“It was the last old firm game of 2012. I was out all day drinking in pubs. I had no idea what was to follow. It was my worst nightmare. I met a girl and we went from one pub to the other. I invited her to my flat and she came willingly. I was in my flat and we engaged consensually in a sexual encounter. The girl suddenly and without warning ran out of the flat screaming and crying. There was no plausible explanation for her conduct. The next thing I knew I was in a police station being questioned for a serious sexual assault. My family arranged for Mr. Kilcoyne to represent me. I was bailed at the sheriff court and was advised it would be a number months before the trial would take place. I was under severe pressure. I am an electrician and was advised if I was convicted I would receive a custodial sentence and be put on the sexual offenders register. I would lose my job and my life would be in tatters. Mr. Kilcoyne carefully prepared my case and covered every angle. Every possible investigation was made. I had numerous consultations preparing the case. I appeared in front of a sheriff and jury at the Sheriff Court approximately 9 months later. The jury came back with a not proven verdict which saved my life. To this day I have no idea why these false allegations were made against me. It was the worst 9 months of my life waiting for the trial. I was so relieved and a mountain had been lifted from my shoulders. I would not wish this experience on anyone. I cannot thank Mr. Kilcoyne enough for the excellent representation I received.”

Success Stories

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