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Our Glasgow Assault Lawyers have a strong knowledge of the law surrounding assault and have a robust reputation for achieving positive results.

Assault can arise out of everyday situations. Fights arise following nights out at public houses, disputes with family, friends, and neighbours, and also the most serious assaults involving gang violence and the use of weapons such as knives.

The position you adopt at the police interview in an assault case is absolutely crucial. Police officers are not simply as neutral and independent as they claim. Do not rely on the professionalism and good will of police officers. You require urgent legal advice to lay the foundations of your defence. You need to know whether you should be giving a full response or saying nothing. At this critical stage you will be able to improve your chances as a whole. Should you put forward an alibi, should you disclose it was self-defence, should you say nothing until you know more?

Having our Glasgow Assault Lawyers prepare your case can make all the difference. Once instructed, we will analyse your case from every possible angle. We advise you on all available defences and develop a strategy to secure the best possible outcome. We have excellent knowledge of legal and evidential rules. We can provide expert advice in relation to, for example, identification, self-defence, alibi, unintentional injury, and provocation.

Instructing our Glasgow Assault Lawyers gives you the best chance of getting the case dropped at an early stage, or if it continues, the best chance of a not guilty verdict.
Assault Lawyers Glasgow

Success Stories

Mr. S, Glasgow

“Mr. Kilcoyne has been my lawyer since 1999. I have got off with all trials that he has acted for me in. Most recently I was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement and I was found not guilty by a unanimous verdict of the jury. He seems to always be a step ahead of the rest.”

Mr. B, Glasgow was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement

“I pleaded self defence. I am no saint but sounded like one when Mr. Kilcoyne spoke to the jury at the end of the case. I was found not guilty.”

Success Stories

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