Criminal Offences

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Serious Crime

Serious crime involves substantial volumes of evidence, often multiple accused persons and a vast quantity of information and data.

Murder Defence

We have a long established reputation in defending the most challenging murder, attempted murder and culpable homicide cases.


Our Glasgow Assault Lawyers have a strong knowledge of the law surrounding assault and have a robust reputation for achieving positive results.

Drug Offences

We have dealt with most drug offences from the District Court level to High Court level.

Sexual Offences

We have considerable experience in dealing with those charged with a variety of sex offences both at Sheriff Court and High Court level. 

Fraud Defence

The crime of theft is the taking of property belonging to another with intent to deprive the owner permanently or temporarily.

Domestic Violence Cases

There is now a specialised domestic abuse court at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Threatening Communications

The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 is a new and complex piece of legislation which is now coming before the Courts.

Children’s Panel

We regularly appear at the Sheriff Court on behalf of children and parents as a result of allegations against parents or children concerning a variety of issues. 

Criminal Defence Strategy

Police Station Advice, Bail, Advice on Evidence, Plea Negotiation, Trial Preparation, Sentencing, Legal Fees

Criminal Appeals

We deal regularly with clients who have come to us for appeal advice having been convicted even though they claim to be innocent.

Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say and discover real cases we have defended and examples of results we are achieving.