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There is now a specialised domestic abuse court at Glasgow Sheriff Court. This is in recognition of how serious domestic incidents are being treated by the courts.

These incidents frequently occur between couples when they are under the influence of alcohol. Invariably and after the incident the alledged victim after reporting the incident to the police wishes the charges to be dropped against her partner or spouse.

When an accused person appears in court for a domestic offence the court will often impose special conditions of bail that they cannot contact or speak to their partner or spouse until the case is over. This can cause considerable difficulty. Especially if the parties have children. We can attempt to persuade the court that special conditions of bail are not necessary if your spouse or partner does not want them. If special conditions of bail are imposed we can approach the court to have these varied. Through a bail review.

If your spouse or partner wishes the charges dropped we can approach the Procurator fiscal to see if this can be done.

We have considerable experience in dealing with domestic offences and if the matter is unresolvable and you are of the view your partner is telling lies or putting forward a false position and you are innocent we can robustly defend you at trial.
Domestic Violence Lawyers Glasgow

Success Stories

Glasgow Sheriff Court. Domestic Assault. Miss X

“My daughter was arrested for a domestic assault on her boyfriend on a night out in Glasgow City Centre on New Year’s Eve. My Daughter who was 18 years of age was going on to further education and a criminal conviction would have grave consequences. I was recommended to Mr. John Kilcoyne . I did not know how my daughter could get away with this as she was heavily under the influence of alcohol, there was a number of witnesses and there was CCTV on George Square showing my daughter clearly assaulting her boyfriend. I was delighted when eventually the case came to court. Although my daughter plead guilty Mr John Kilcoyne managed to persuade the Sheriff to impose an Absolute Discharge . This meant my daughter did not have a criminal conviction recorded against her name. I was very impressed by Mr John Kilcoyne’s persuasive skills in court in avoiding my daughter obtaining a criminal record. My daughter’s future career was at stake and Mr John Kilcoyne delivered when it mattered most. This one stupid mistake my daughter made could have been on my daughter’s criminal record for life and have affected her pursuing her chosen career. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. John Kilcoyne for the effort he put into the case and the excellent outcome.”

Success Stories

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