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Police Station Advice

We are available 24/7 to assist with police station interviews.

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What information do you need to make a bail application?

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Advice on Evidence

You can benefit from the advice of a Glasgow criminal lawyer on the considered objective view of all the evidence.

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Plea Negotiation

Understanding the process of entering a plea

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Trial Preparation

How will my Glasgow criminal lawyer prepare for trial?

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What kind of information is helpful for sentencing?

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Legal Fees

John Kilcoyne & Co. specialist criminal lawyers undertake both legal aid and private work.

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Legal Aid in Scotland

John Kilcoyne Solicitors are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide Legal Aid. There are various different types of legal aid dependent on the type of criminal case.

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Criminal Offences

Serious Crime, Murder & Assault, Drug Offences, Fraud & Theft, Sexual Offences, Domestic Violence Cases, Threatening Communications, Children’s Panel

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Criminal Appeals

We deal regularly with clients who have come to us for appeal advice having been convicted even though they claim to be innocent.

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Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say and discover real cases we have defended and examples of results we are achieving.

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