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Our specialist murder lawyers Glasgow are uniquely placed to offer expert representation. We have a long established reputation in defending the most challenging murder, attempted murder and culpable homicide cases.

Murder cases can vary greatly, from a seemingly small fight in the street between two individuals where one goes on to die from their injuries to organised gangland executions. There are also incidents where a number of people are charged as part of a joint enterprise.

Our murder lawyers leave no stone unturned in preparing a case. These cases involve the most complex and wide ranging of police investigations. We thoroughly analyse all of the evidence and consider all issues pertinent to the case. This means every avenue is explored. Every witness is traced. Forensic evidence plays a large part in murder investigations. You can rely on our murder lawyers to instruct top forensic experts. Ballistics and firearms, blood splatter, DNA and fingerprint evidence is often relied upon. We adopt a thorough and analytical approach when instructing our forensic experts. Additionally the prosecution may have telephone records, CCTV, cell site analysis of mobile phone or vehicle movements. Our murder lawyers are skilled and experienced in dealing with this type of evidence. We can provide advice in relation to the instruction of defence experts to counter the prosecution case.

Our lawyers are well versed in the instruction of pathologists and medical experts in relation to the cause of death and infliction of injury which must be carefully considered and countered when appropriate.

We understand the intricacies of building a defence, cross examining prosecution witnesses and supplying expert evidence to the court.

There are complex issues in these cases, including intention, psychological/psychiatric issues, self-defence, causation, art and part guilt (joint enterprise) and conspiracy to murder.

Preparation is incredibly important and our murder lawyers will not rest until every avenue has been explored.

Our murder lawyers know what it takes to win.
Murder Lawyers Glasgow

Success Stories

Murder Trial, Edinburgh High Court, January 2022 – NOT GUILTY

“I was working in Aberdeen. I am from the North of England. I was at a pub in Aberdeen drinking with friends and watching the football. I left the pub. I got into my car and to my horror my car hit a person I was arguing with inside the pub. There were 4 witnesses to say they thought I deliberately knocked the man over and murdered him. I had no intention of killing him. He simply ran at the car and I couldn’t avoid him. I knew I required a really good lawyer and my brother after much investigation sourced a Glasgow lawyer called John Kilcoyne. I left my duty lawyer in Aberdeen to go to John. From the very first meeting with John he instilled so much confidence in me. The case was excellently prepared, statements taken from witnesses and expert witnesses sourced. The relief was so immense when my excellent QC persuaded the Jury that the 4 eyewitnesses were mistaken and I had no intention of deliberately running over the man. The investigation of the CCTV and the cross examination of the road traffic expert was superb. John saved me from what could have been 20 years imprisonment for murder. If you have a serious case then I would look no further.”

Attempted Murder, Glasgow High Court, February 2021 – NOT PROVEN

“I lost confidence in my lawyer in an attempted murder case. He seemed uninterested and did not prepare the case thoroughly. I was recommended by a friend to contact John Kilcoyne. From the very start, John showed a great interest in the case and went over every fine detail of the case with me. It was a case of mistaken identity. The witness who was attacked with a machete wrongly identified me. Given the time scale of the attack it could not have been me. Nonetheless, the witness told the police, wrongly, that it was me at the photo ID parade. I was under extreme pressure for 2 years and consulted my GP. The performance at Glasgow High court was excellent and the Jury returned a not proven verdict. I got my life back again.”

Success Stories

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