Historical Sexual Offences

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A False allegation of a Historical Sexual offence can come as a massive shock and feel surreal. Why would one person or sometimes several people, many years later make false allegations. How can the accusers explain the delayed disclosure of the allegation ? The difficulty is the police and courts take these allegations seriously. They often come from family members and seem unbelievable. The greatest frustration is how easy it is to make these false historical sexual allegations. We have significant experience to lessen the burden of the ordeal for you.

These historical allegations rely on the complex legal doctrine of mutual corroboration in Scots law. If two or more people tell a similar story about you then they corrobotate each other. There is always issues of collusion in these cases. There can also be psychological issues regarding false or transfered memory and suggestibility.

We know how to win these cases.

Success Stories

Rape, Glasgow High Court, September 2021 – NOT GUILTY

“I was accused by my ex-partner of raping her in an isolated incident which occurred a year before I separated from her. I could not believe that I was accused of rape even although my partner continued in a relationship with me for approximately one year after the alleged incident. My ex-partner did not make the allegation or disclose to anyone until 7 months after separation. I was confronted by her parent about the allegation and the parent falsely claimed I made an admission to her to corroborate her daughters false allegation. I could not believe I was arrested and appeared from custody in court and I faced a high court trial on a rape charge where I potentially faced years in prison. I was very impressed by John Kilcoyne and Co. and their solicitors and counsel. They prepared the case superbly and went into every detail and got very helpful expert witnesses. The court performance was excellent and the jury returned a not guilty verdict and my innocence was vindicated.”

Success Stories

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