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There is absolutely nothing that could be worse than being falsely accused of a serious crime. To be convicted of a crime you did not commit is a devastating experience, both for you and your family. Overturning that conviction requires an experienced criminal appeals lawyer. Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience of defending high profile cases and serious complex criminal prosecutions. We are particularly skilled when dealing with criminal appeals and miscarriages of justice.

We deal regularly with clients who have come to us for appeal advice having been convicted even though they claim to be innocent. We specialise in providing criminal appeal opinions when the original Trial has went wrong. We have an excellent track record of success in criminal appeals.

While there are many grounds of appeal the most common are:
  • 1. Complaints about the Judge’s summing up to a Jury.
  • 2. Where the verdict of the Jury is unreasonable.
  • 3. Errors of law made by the Trial Judge or Prosecution during the Trial.

  • 4. Complaints or criticisms about the performance of the original Trial lawyers.

  • 5. Failure to disclose evidence by the Prosecution.

  • 6. Mistakes by witnesses, particularly expert witnesses.

  • 7. Police misconduct.

  • 8. The discovery of fresh evidence.

The qualities of a top criminal appeal lawyer include an ability to listen, empathise, advise realistically, and then act decisively. The job of persuading Judge’s in the Appeal Court is very different from persuading Juries. The style of advocacy has to suit this type of audience.

It is important to note every convicted person has a right to ask for permission to appeal but that permission will be granted only if arguable grounds are presented. The time limits for lodging appeals are short. So please contact us immediately.

Appeal Lawyers Glasgow
Appeals Against Sentence

We have extensive experience and a high success rate in sentence appeals. The Trial Judge’s sentence can be far too severe. We have successfully represented appellants where sentences have been quashed and replaced with something much more lenient. Sometimes the sentence is reduced so much that the client gets to go home immediately after the appeal hearing.

Please see our recent conviction success story where an appellant was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for a rape and a sexual assault. The conviction was quashed. The appellant’s original Trial lawyers got him found guilty for an offence he was innocent of.

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John Kilcoyne & Co. specialist criminal lawyers undertake both legal aid and private work.