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Sexual Offences Testimonials

Rape, Glasgow High Court, November 2023 – Not Guilty

I was on a night out in Glasgow City Centre. I was waiting in the street for a taxi, when I met a female. We were both fairly intoxicated. We got on very well and there was an instant attraction and rapport . When the taxi came, she agreed to go back to my flat in the taxi . In the taxi her friends phoned her and I told her to tell her friends my address. When we got to the flat she was all over me and all sexual acts were completely consensual. After almost an hour,  the doorbell went and it was her friends. She agreed to go home with her friends . To my horror the next day, I  found out she had made a complaint of rape. To make matters worse,  I discovered she was a GP and her friends were GPs. After much thought and research , I  decided to go to John Kilcoyne & Co solicitors, as in my opinion, the firm seemed best placed to deal with a case of this magnitude. From the outset,  the advice I received put me at ease . Over the 2 year period awaiting trial the updates and preparation was excellent . On the day of the trial, counsel was fully prepared and delivered an exceptional performance,as the jury returned with a not guilty verdict. I am now in a new relationship with a young family and I owe this firm my life . A chance encounter became my worst nightmare.

Double Rape, Edinburgh High Court, April 2023 – Not Guilty

I got into a relationship which was really good. After a few weeks my girlfriend moved in with me. It seemed the right thing to do. We both dabbled in drink and drugs at the weekend. This went on for a couple of months and things were great. One weekend my girlfriend was behaving bizarrely and I was concerned. She then went to her parents house and claimed I raped her twice during the weekend binge. I consulted a local lawyer and after over 6 months with him I had concerns. I did not get the feeling things were quite right and the case was being dealt with properly. The lawyer inspired no confidence In me. I was looking at years in prison . I changed my lawyer to John kilcoyne. From the very start I could tell he really knew what he was talking about and I knew I had made the right decision. The level of preparation and tactical approach to the case put me at ease. I was right in changing my lawyer as the Jury came back with a not guilty verdict . All the hard work and preparation I had put into the case with John had paid off . I was innocent and the jury saw that thanks to John.

Sexual Assault, Airdrie Sheriff Court, November 2022  – Not Guilty

I am a joiner with no knowledge of the criminal justice system.  To my amasement  my boss said the police had contacted him about me. I provided a quote to a lady who asked for fitted wardrobes. It transpires the lady went to the police and reported me for a sexual assault.  This was bewildering as no sexual  assault took place . I have a partner and a young child.  I did not know where to turn to. The police were wanting to interview me.  My partners relatives told me to contact John Kilcoyne as he had a high success rate in this area. John said he did not guarantee results. The service from john was exceptional . John instructed two expert witnesses which assisted matters greatly. After the trial,  I was found not guilty. John is certainly the criminal lawyer to go to, if you find yourself in a similar position.

Sexual Assault, November 2022 – Not Guilty

I am a joiner and went to a flat to give a quote regarding a job. The next day I was flabbergasted when my boss phoned me and said the police arrived and said the female claimed  I sexually assaulted her. I have a wife and a young child and my family were in a state of shock. I contacted John kilcoyne solicitor after much consideration and hesitation on what solicitor to engage. The service provided was outstanding from the police interview to the eventual trial. I had to instruct two expert witnesses one being a DNA expert. The trial was conducted by John kilcoyne and the performance was outstanding. I was found Not Guilty.

Historical Sexual Abuse, October 2022 – Not Guilty

My life was turned upside down in 2020. I was in a reationship with two children. The police turned up and said they wanted to question me about sexual offences from 20 years ago. At that time I was a teenager. It transpired three of my cousins, who were considerably younger than me, had made these false historical allegations. I immediately thought that this was a family fued and they were in collusion in relation to the sexual assault allegations. I knew I required the best lawyer in this area to deal with my case. After much consideration I chose John Kilcoyne & Co.  The service provided was exceptional and from the very start exstensive enquires began. I had to wait for over 2 years for the trial to take place. I knew a guilty verdict would result in a definite prison sentence. I would lose my partner and children for a significant number of years. The performance in court was exceptional and I think the jury did have concerns that the complainers had colluded. As my counsel said if you get 3 quotes from tradesman and they are all the same price it would suggest collusion. The relief when the jury came back with a not guilty verdict was indescribable. Myself and my family owe our life to this Firm of Solicitors.

Date Rape, September 2022 – Not Guilty

I meet up with a girl online. One night she contacted me and asked me to meet her in glasgow city centre. She was intoxicated when I met her and we went back in a taxi to my flat. She was all over me and we had consensual sex. I found out from her she had recently spilt from her ex. To my utter astonishment the police turned up the next day saying she had made a rape allegation. It transpired after she left my flat she contacted her ex to say she had been raped. I appeared in court with the Duty Solicitor as this whole process was alien to me. I knew I required an excellent lawyer and found John Kilcoyne & Co. Right from the start I knew I had chosen the correct lawyers. I spoke to counsel and was comforted,as I knew, I was in the hands of experts in this area. The preparation of the case was excellent. Expert witnesses were sourced. At the trial everything fell perfectly into place and was concluded with an outstanding Jury speech. This is the Firm of Solicitors you need on your side in a rape case.

Two Historical Rape Charges, June 2022 – Not Guilty

I was interviewed in 1995 for a false allegation a 15 year old girl made against me for an alledged rape. The police interviewed me at that time and no further charges were brought. To my horror in 2019 a toxic allegation was made by a family member. I am unsure if the family member was privy to the allegation in 1995. Due to the previous allegation I was told the PF could prosecute me under the moorov doctrine. I appeared from custody and spent 9 days on remand in prison. I changed my lawyer to John Kilcoyne when I was in prison due to a recommendation. John at the next hearing secured bail for me. I had to wait almost three years for the trial due to covid. The trial lasted 7 days and the court representation was exceptional and the Jury acquitted me on all charges. My nightmare is over thanks to John Kilcoyne & Co.

Sexual Assault, June 2022 – Not Proven

I went out with a friend on a Friday night in Glasgow  city centre. I bumped into two girls and they came back to my flat in a taxi with my friend. Everything was fine and we had drinks and I was on very friendly terms with one of the girls. To my utter amazement it transpired after the girls left the flat an allegation of a sexual assault was falsely made. I was provided with the Duty lawyer in court. My family did research and enquires. I opted for John Kilcoyne. I waited almost a year for the trial. John Kilcoyne conducted the trial and picked out a number of discrepancies in the girls stories and the fact they had both taken drugs. John Kilcoyne’s speech to the jury really put home the defence position that the girls stories simply did not make sense. The immense difficulty I had was my friend had left the country and I could not trace him as a defence witness. It was the two girls word against mine and I was a foreign national on a visa. John managed to get round this and despite two  eye  witnesses the jury came back with a not proven verdict.

Rape, November 2021 – CHARGES DROPPED

“I was unhappy with my previous lawyers as they just kept saying wait until you get a date for court. I had concerns about what I said in a police interview. Based on online reviews I contacted John Kilcoyne solicitors. I explained I was vulnerable and had various health conditions and there was no solicitor present at interview. There was only an appropriate adult at the police interview. John Kilcoyne Solicitors immediately started taking the case forward and instructed psychologists who interviewed me and established the interview was potentially unfair. The Procurator Fiscal never even argued about the admissibility of the police interview in court. The charges were dropped thanks to my lawyers instructing high calibre expert witnesses. I was so happy I changed lawyers who took positive steps to challenge the police interview early on in proceedings and avoided a potentially frightening trial. ”

Rape, Glasgow High Court, September 2021 – NOT GUILTY

“I was accused by my ex-partner of raping her in an isolated incident which occurred a year before I separated from her. I could not believe that I was accused of rape even although my partner continued in a relationship with me for approximately one year after the alleged incident. My ex-partner did not make the allegation or disclose to anyone until 7 months after separation. I was confronted by her parent about the allegation and the parent falsely claimed I made an admission to her to corroborate her daughters false allegation. I could not believe I was arrested and appeared from custody in court and I faced a high court trial on a rape charge where I potentially faced years in prison. I was very impressed by John Kilcoyne and Co. and their solicitors and counsel. They prepared the case superbly and went into every detail and got very helpful expert witnesses. The court performance was excellent and the jury returned a not guilty verdict and my innocence was vindicated. ”

Rape, Glasgow High Court, August 2021 – NOT PROVEN

“I helped a girl to her hotel room. She was heavily intoxicated. In the hotel room I helped her to the toilet. I then left her on the bed . She was unconscious. I then went to the toilet and as I was on my way back her family came into the room. I was just returning from the toilet and I was fastening my trousers. The girl was partially clothed on the bed and the family jumped to the conclusion I had sexually assaulted her. The girl was examined and unbelievably my DNA was found inside her. I am from the North of Scotland and I decided to go the a Glasgow lawyer based on reviews. I was very impressed by my lawyers who instructed a DNA expert who contradicted the crown DNA expert and explained the DNA as transferred by secondary transfer. To my relief my lawyer was able to persuade the jury in relation to the DNA transfer and my innocence. A not proven verdict was returned. ”

Double Rape, Glasgow High Court, July 2021 – NOT GUILTY

“I was accused of a double rape at a house party. My defence was that the sexual encounter was consensual. Due to a previous unrelated conviction I was remanded in custody. I contacted John Kilcoyne Solicitors from Polmont prison. I highly recommend them as they kept in constant touch with me and visited me regularly in prison. The case was very well prepared and the jury came back with a not guilty verdict. I spent a significant time in prison on remand for offences I did not commit. I was lucky I contacted John Kilcoyne Solicitors who avoided me being wrongly convicted.”

Rape, Glasgow High Court, May 2021 – NOT PROVEN

“I was accused of rape in a chance meeting with a 3rd party after a night out. The unusual aspect of the allegation was that part one of the sexual encounter was consensual and the second sexual act was non-consensual. The police contacted me 4 years after the incident to say the allegation had been made. I ended up in a High Court trial and led a consent defence. Thanks to my lawyers the jury returned a not guilty verdict. Having good lawyers and counsel in this case made all the difference.”

Mr M Glasgow High Court charge of Rape

“After a night out with a friend I met a girl he knew, we all went back to my flat. After sharing a bed and having consensual sex that night I was then accused of rape from sex the next morning. When I was accused I was left in a state of shock with no idea where to turn. I was extremely lucky to find the details of John Kilcoyne & co online. After contacting them they advised me to not discuss the details with anyone however in the event of being arrested to give their details to the police. I was arrested three days later at which point John Kilcoyne and co were again contacted, that very same day John Kilcoyne attended the police station and explained to me clearly the process of what lay ahead. The following day I was taken to court however no charges were made at that time. John reassured me and explained this may not be the end again advising me not to discuss with anyone else. Four months later I was rearrested over the same incident and this time was charged with rape and released on bail. Throughout the following 18 months before coming to trial I received excellent support and advice from John and his team including the assignment of an exemplary QC. From my initial appearance before the charging judge at which John Kilcoyne represented me, to the beginning of the trial I received the preparation and advice for what was ahead at the same time being made aware of the possible outcomes of this kind of trial. Almost 18 months from the initial night of the alleged incident I had my first day in court. After the trial lasting over a week I was acquitted with a majority not guilty verdict. I truly believe if I had not had the good sense and great fortune to contact John Kilcoyne & Co, I would not be here. Their support of me and their drive to leave no stone unturned was evident from the offset. I would urge anyone who finds themselves under similar circumstances to contact John Kilcoyne & Co Solicitors as a matter of urgency.”

Mr. P Rape Glasgow High Court

“I was 17 years of age at the time. I finished work on a Saturday and as usual I went out with my friends for a drink. We usually go to the public park and spare ground to drink. I was familiar with my male friends who I had went to school with. Two girls I had known for a few months were present. Both girls started arguing and I went with one of the girls to console her. The thing moved on and we started kissing and eventually had sexual intercourse. I then went home and thought everything was fine. I was approached by the police a few weeks later and accused of rape. I could not believe what was happening. I did not think I needed a lawyer and simply told the police in the interview it was consensual sex. I then was given a date to attend court. I was recommended to go to John Kilcoyne & Company. I obtained bail and was told a Trial would take place within 12 months. The case was thoroughly prepared. One of the leading Counsel in the country represented me. I then fully appreciated the importance of having excellent legal representation when I witnessed the lawyers excellent cross examination skills and jury speech. I could tell the lawyer I had was far superior to the prosecution lawyer. The jury came back with a not proven verdict. I put the result down to the quality of Advocacy of my legal team. It made all the difference. I would recommend John Kilcoyne & Company to anyone.”

Mr ….. Glasgow was charged with 2 sexual assaults.

“There was three witnesses against me and I had no witnesses myself. It was complete lies and I was having sleepless nights. This type of conviction would have ruined my entire life. Mr. Kilcoyne was very sympathetic towards me. He spent a number of consultations with me going through every little detail of the case. When that case went to trial I was delighted after the first day. He did such a professional job of exposing the lies. I knew then I had the best lawyer I could have hoped for. I was found not guilty and feel such a weight has been lifted. I would recommend Mr. Kilcoyne to anyone.”

Mr X Allegation of Sexual Abuse of Two children by Father at Contact Visit. Allegation made by Ex Wife.


“I was in the middle of a very acrimonious contact dispute at court with my ex wife. I eventually obtained unsupervised contact to my two Sons. I met a new partner. I had a week long holiday contact visit arranged during the school holidays in my house in Glasgow. My sons were 4 and 6 years old at the time. My relationship with them was excellent. To my amazement after the week long visit my ex-wife said the boys told her they had been sexually assaulted by me. I knew the background was my ex was jealous of my new relationship and wished to punish me by not seeing my Sons. My wife told the civil court about the sexual abuse. I thought the allegations would have been dismissed out of hand as ridiculous. To my horror I was arrested and taken to court. I was recommended to Mr. John Kilcoyne. I was granted bail. My ex had taken my sons to the police to give statements that I had sexually assaulted them. I had to wait for another year until the case was brought to trial. It was the worst period of my life. I thought I was dreaming. It was explained to me the decision on whether I was guilty or innocent would be determined by 15 members of a Jury. I thought how can I explain my sons Mother has coached the boys into saying this. I was advised I faced a prison sentence and put on the Sex Offenders Register. I had no one to turn to and I had to put my faith in my lawyer John kilcoyne. I went through a 4 day trial and witnessed my sons and ex wife giving evidence through television link. I was extremely impressed by the way the case was conducted. Every small point counted. Mr John kilcoyne then explained every point to the jury in a very persuasive and comprehensive way. The jury went out and waiting for them to come back was nerve wracking. When the jury returned the not guilty verdict my nightmare was over. I will never get over it but I can move on with my life. All I can say if you find yourself in a similar nightmare situation and face a false allegation then I would recommend Mr John Kilcoyne.”

Murder Testimonials

Attempted Murder, Edinburgh High Court,  February 2023 – Charge Dropped
I got into a long distance relationship with a man from Glasgow. We would visit each other every few weeks. I noticed his behaviour was controlling and he would become abusive. I just ignored his behaviour as the good time’s outweighed the bad times. The relationship involved a lot of alcohol consumption. After a night out he became so abusive and violent, when I was in his flat,  I thought my life was at risk. I picked up a knive and stabbed him repeatedly and then ran from the flat . The police came and arrested me for attempted murder. I was in a foreign country and appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court  on the Monday. I was remanded in custody when i got the duty solicitor. My family contacted John kilcoyne and after 9 days in prison I was bailed. I reported all the domestic abuse to the police and it unraveled that he had done the same thing to other women. The attempted murder case, I was facing went on for 20 months. John Kilcoyne and his team got the crown office to mark the case as no further proceedings. I was facing up to 8 years in prison and due to the excellent preparation and arguments put forward the charge was dropped.

Attempted Murder, Glasgow High Court, January 2023 – CHARGES DROPPED

I met a male based in another country while he was travelling for work. I maintained a long distance relationship with him. He was domestically abusive and coercive in the relationship after a few weeks. I travelled to glasgow one night to go out with him . After attending Glasgow City Centre and going back to his flat I feared my life was in danger and I had to stab him repeatedly. I was held in police cells over the weekend. I appeared at court on a attempted Murder charge with the Duty Solicitor. I found myself on remand in prison. My family sourced John Kilcoyne and he visited me in Prison and secured bail within a few days.  The preparation for trial was superb with no issue left unattended. There was a number of expert reports

Murder Trial, Edinburgh High Court, January 2022 – NOT GUILTY

“I was working in Aberdeen. I am from the North of England. I was at a pub in Aberdeen drinking with friends and watching the football. I left the pub. I got into my car and to my horror my car hit a person I was arguing with inside the pub. There were 4 witnesses to say they thought I deliberately knocked the man over and murdered him. I had no intention of killing him. He simply ran at the car and I couldn’t avoid him. I knew I required a really good lawyer and my brother after much investigation sourced a Glasgow lawyer called John Kilcoyne. I left my duty lawyer in Aberdeen to go to John. From the very first meeting with John he instilled so much confidence in me. The case was excellently prepared, statements taken from witnesses and expert witnesses sourced. The relief was so immense when my excellent QC persuaded the Jury that the 4 eyewitnesses were mistaken and I had no intention of deliberately running over the man. The investigation of the CCTV and the cross examination of the road traffic expert was superb. John saved me from what could have been 20 years imprisonment for murder. If you have a serious case then I would look no further.”

Attempted Murder, Glasgow High Court, February 2021 – NOT PROVEN

“I lost confidence in my lawyer in an attempted murder case. He seemed uninterested and did not prepare the case thoroughly. I was recommended by a friend to contact John Kilcoyne. From the very start, John showed a great interest in the case and went over every fine detail of the case with me. It was a case of mistaken identity. The witness who was attacked with a machete wrongly identified me. Given the time scale of the attack it could not have been me. Nonetheless, the witness told the police, wrongly, that it was me at the photo ID parade. I was under extreme pressure for 2 years and consulted my GP. The performance at Glasgow High court was excellent and the Jury returned a not proven verdict. I got my life back again.”

Mr X………Attempted Murder Glasgow High Court.

“I had been married to my wife for over 20 years. My wife disclosed to me she had an affair and it was over. I reconciled ether my wife. I then started to receive silent phone calls. My wife then disclosed to me it was her ex lover who was making these calls.

She warned me about his violent disposition. I phoned him and told him to stay away. He then indicated to me he was coming round to the house to rip my head off. I was unsure if the threat was genuine. I then saw him approach my home. I was in a panic as my wife was at home and my daughter was due home. I told my wife to phone the police. I picked up a kitchen knife and went out to challenge him. I tried my best to scare him off. He attacked me despite the knife and a tussle ensued. At the end of it he had a stab wound in his stomach and was lying bleeding. It all happened so fast. The police came and I was arrested and charged with attempted murder. It was my worst nightmare. I appeared in court with the duty solicitor. I then knew I had to get the services of the right lawyer as it was such a serious charge. My daughter got a recommendation of Kilcoyne and co. I contacted Mr. Kilcoyne and the case was prepared meticulously thoroughly and every angle investigated. I plead self Defence. I was advised if I was found guilty I would receive a significant custodial sentence. I was terrified. I appeared at Glasgow High Court 11 months later and was advised the case was a 50/50 chance of acquittal. After a 5 day trial the Jury returned a Not Proven verdict. I think if chose any other lawyer the case may have went the other way. I was at the mercy of a jury 15 members of the public. The excellent advocacy in the case made all the difference.”

Assault Testimonials

Mr. S, Glasgow was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement

“Mr. Kilcoyne has been my lawyer since 1999. I have got off with all trials that he has acted for me in. Most recently I was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement and I was found not guilty by a unanimous verdict of the jury. He seems to always be a step ahead of the rest.”

Mr. B, Glasgow was charged with assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

“I pleaded self defence. I am no saint but sounded like one when Mr. Kilcoyne spoke to the jury at the end of the case. I was found not guilty.”

Drug Offences Testimonials

Drugs Case, Dumfries Sheriff Court, March 2024 

I am an Albanian national. I was residing in England and struggling financially as I had no right to work in the UK. I was offered money to do a delivery to Glasgow which I knew to be drugs . I did not know the value . To my horror I was stopped in Dumfires by the police and admitted my offence in the police interview . I was remanded in prison at Dumfries Sheriff Court and experienced prison for the first time. I was recommended to John kilcoyne and after 33 days in prison I secured High court bail. I was advised the drugs had  a potential street value of £100000.  While  I was on bail I got married to a EC National and secured right to remain in the UK. I secured employment as a construction labourer. When I returned to court for my sentencing ,about a year after I got bail,  to my amazement John managed to persuade the judge to impose unpaid work.

Supply of Drugs, Hamilton Sheriff Court, May 2023 – Not Proven

I was a self employed gas fitter advertising on for work in Birmingham. I did a job and was asked if I could do a house removal to Glasgow. I thought the house owner asked me, as he saw, I had a large transit van. I quoted a price and the houseowner agreed . It was a good price for a travel to glasgow and back. I arrived early in the morning and the householder and his friends loaded the back of my van. One of the house owners friends travelled with me . He did not speak English. As I was driving into Glasgow I was surrounded by police cars . At this point,  I had realised I had been fooled . The  police opened up the back of the van and there was over £400000 worth of drugs . I had been duped by a vitaminese crime gang . The police thought I was part of the crime gang. I was married with 3 children . I was simply a gas fitter . I was put though Hamilton sheriff court by a local solicitor and spent 10 days in prison. My family contacted John  Kilcoyne to take over the case. Even though I was based in England the contact with John and the  preparation for the case was excellent. I simply did not know there was drugs in the back of the van . It looked very suspicious that I was involved in the crime gang. John was immense and persuaded the jury to find me not proven. My family owe a lot to John. I could have spent years in prison. When I saw John in court I realised my chosen lawyer had made all the difference . John’s presentation of the case, demonstrated to the jury, I was innocent.

Miss….. Charged with supply of drugs.

“My first lawyer told me to plead guilty. He said I had no chance and would get about seven years at the High Court. I was not happy with that advice and transferred my case to John Kilcoyne & Co. They never told me that my case was hopeless. I went to trial and was found not guilty at the High Court in Glasgow. Delighted with the result.”

Fraud & Theft Testimonials

Proceeds of Crime, Glasgow Sheriff Court, March 2024 – Not Guilty

I was homeless during Covid and stayed in homeless accommodation. My children were put in the care of my family and I was vulnerable . I was befriended by a male who said he was to receive money from his aunt. He advised he did not have a bank account and asked if he could use mine. I agreed and £5400 was put into my bank account . I was asked to withdraw the money in euros from bureau exchanges,  so he could return to his home country. Months later, to my surprise, I was contacted by the police to advice the Money was stolen out of someone else’s bank account. I was charged under proceeds of crime legislation. I went to trial on the basis I did not know the money was criminal property. After hearing the evidence the sheriff believed me and I was found not guilty.

Fraud, Glasgow Sheriff Court, January 2024 – Not Guilty

I am a garden developer and during Covid I took a £5000 deposit  to do a garden. Due to a serious of personal difficulties and illness, I could not start the Job. I was reported to the police and  the procurator fiscal took me to court . I took the case to trial on my solicitors advice that this was a civil matter and not a criminal fraud based on the evidence. John Kilcoyne & Co  conducted the  trial and at the conclusion of the crown case,as predicted,  the sheriff threw out the charge on a sufficiency of evidence point.

Mr X, was charged with 2 attempted frauds and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

“My original lawyer told me to plead guilty as I could not get off. I transferred my case to Mr. Kilcoyne. When he read my file he told me that the prosecution had problems and I should go to trial. The trial lasted two days and I got off on all three charges on some legal point. I am delighted I contacted him.”

Glasgow Sheriff Court. Not Guilty.

“I changed my wife’s lawyer to John Kilcoyne . she was charged with a serious fraud. Her old lawyer told her to plead guilty and she would get 18 months in prison. I spoke to my family and I knew we needed a second opinion. john did not say the case was hopeless. he said if my wife was innocent he would run the trial. john ran the trial in front of a jury and my wife was found not guilty. If I did not get that second opinion then my wife would have spent 18 months in prison.”

Glasgow Sheriff Court. Charges Dropped.

“To my surprise an allegation was made by the Benefits agency. I was claiming Benefits and not declaring savings in the bank. My father had recently passed away with no will and asked me to hold onto his money to distribute to my family. I explained this to the Benefits agency and still got prosecuted and was given a date to attend court. I consulted John Kilcoyne solicitor. He was able to explain that the money was held in trust by me for members of my family. Eventually the procurator fiscal conceded matters and the charges were dropped.”

Domestic Violence Testimonials

Glasgow Sheriff Court. Domestic Assault. Miss X

“My daughter was arrested for a domestic assault on her boyfriend on a night out in Glasgow City Centre on New Year’s Eve. My Daughter who was 18 years of age was going on to further education and a criminal conviction would have grave consequences. I was recommended to Mr. John Kilcoyne . I did not know how my daughter could get away with this as she was heavily under the influence of alcohol, there was a number of witnesses and there was CCTV on George Square showing my daughter clearly assaulting her boyfriend. I was delighted when eventually the case came to court. Although my daughter plead guilty Mr John Kilcoyne managed to persuade the Sheriff to impose an Absolute Discharge . This meant my daughter did not have a criminal conviction recorded against her name. I was very impressed by Mr John Kilcoyne’s persuasive skills in court in avoiding my daughter obtaining a criminal record. My daughter’s future career was at stake and Mr John Kilcoyne delivered when it mattered most. This one stupid mistake my daughter made could have been on my daughter’s criminal record for life and have affected her pursuing her chosen career. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. John Kilcoyne for the effort he put into the case and the excellent outcome.”