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GP Jailed for 12 Years for Sexually Assaulting Numerous Patients

Krishna Singh, from Airdrie, was found guilty of sexual offences against patients under his care. The offences took place between 1984 and 2018.  Singh claimed that he had been using examination techniques which he had learned whilst training in India. His actions were against would and included four girls under [...]

2022-06-09T05:58:42+01:009 June 2022|

Crown Appeal Against Sentence Upheld By The Appeal Court

Graham Curran was found guilty of trafficking 2.4 million pounds worth of cocaine. The offence was aggravated by a link to serious organised crime. Curran was sentenced to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work. However, the Crown challenged the sentence, and the appeal court quashed it and imposed a [...]

2022-05-24T05:47:07+01:0024 May 2022|
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