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Sheriff Asserts that ‘Alcohol is no Excuse’ for Assault

The accused, Ian Baird, pled guilty to assaulting his partner during an altercation in May 2023.  The couple had been drinking outside in the garden when matters escalated into an argument between Mr Baird and his partner. The accused followed the complainer into the house, despite her attempts to [...]

2023-11-14T07:25:21+00:0014 November 2023|

Man Fined for Performance of Sexual Act in Common Close

A 48 year old man,Keith Ballentine, has been fined after a neighbour witnessed him performing a sex act in the common area of their flat.  Mr Ballentine was seen to be performing oral sex on Kimberley Finnigan, witnessed by a neighbour who had to walk past the public display. [...]

2023-11-14T07:22:45+00:009 November 2023|

Man who Bit the Finger of Police Officer Remanded

Stephen McCafferty, aged 26, has been remanded after assaulting a police officer. Mr McCafferty admitted to biting one officer’s finger, breaking a house window and behaving in an abusive manner by shouting at a second police officer.  Despite his defence agent pleading mitigating circumstances due to a difficult past [...]

2023-11-05T13:45:14+00:002 November 2023|

Drugs Make Inmates more Violent and Aggressive

The new governor of HMP Edinburgh said that prisoners are now taking synthetic drugs and new forms of benzodiazepines that are having extreme reactions due to their increased effectiveness. It was found that drones are increasingly being used to smuggle drugs and weapons into prisoners. It was noted that [...]

2023-10-19T16:51:35+01:0013 October 2023|

Man Charged with Murder in Glasgow Flat

Connor Thomas aged 27-years old has allegedly repeatedly stabbed Joseph McGready in a flat near Glasgow City Centre.  Joseph later died in hospital after police found him injured in the flat just after midnight. Connor Thomas was accused of murder along with another a female named Amanda Welsh. Both [...]

2023-10-19T16:49:34+01:0012 October 2023|

FAI Process Begins for the Death of Fish Farm Employee

Mr Hendry died on the 28th February 2020 while transferring from a work boat to a floating structure known as the Sea Cap at the Company’s fish farm.  The FAI follows the prosecution and the conviction of Fife based Mowi Scotland Limited in 2003 for breaches of health and [...]

2023-10-19T16:44:07+01:0011 October 2023|

Man Accused of Murdering his Girlfriend in Brutal Attack

Christopher McGowan denies killing Claire Inglis at her flat in November 2021. Procurator Chris Fyfee KC said in his closing speech that “Ms Inglis death was no mystery” meaning that it was a brutal attack and there is only one personal responsible for this. A special defence of self [...]

2023-10-05T06:08:04+01:0010 October 2023|

Rapist Appeals Conviction for Attacking 13-Year Old Girl

Sean Hogg aged 22-years old  pled guilty for attacking a girl twice at Dalkeith Country Park in 2018 when he was 17 years-old.  The accused avoided prison after judge Lord Lake consulted Scotland’s new sentencing guidelines for people aged less than 25 years old.  Lawyers who represented Mr Hogg [...]

2023-10-05T06:05:55+01:0010 October 2023|
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