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We have a renowned excellence in handling serious drugs cases. It is surprisingly easy to get caught up In a drugs case. We have acted for clients from all ages and backgrounds. We act for clients caught up in drug use and supply at all levels including street dealing, supply, importation, cultivation, right through to commercial operations. The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 governs most of the law pertaining to drug crime. We are well versed in the law. We have a excellent reputation and track record of assisting clients in this area.

We listen to our clients. What does our client wish to achieve? To avoid getting a criminal record ? Not to go to Prison ? Not to lose a job ? Not to have negative publicity? Or to protect family ? These are important questions. We will fight to achieve your desired objectives.

We will assess the evidence promptly and give you a strong opinion on your case. Each case is different and involves its own unique set of facts. One of the first things we apply to the facts is the complex law surrounding illegal searches. This may break the first link in the case.

We instruct Drug experts in valuation and purity. We will attempt to get supply charges dropped to possession only charges. We instruct experts in DNA and fingerprint evidence, CCTV evidence and mobile and cell site evidence. We adopt a meticulous approach to produce a robust defence strategy.

If the evidence is very strong against you we will tell you face to face. You can obtain a early guilty discount plea , in these circumstances, which can potentially keep you out of prison.

Our Drugs lawyers are uniquely placed and know what works to win cases. We don’t give up.

We have considerable experience in offences such as:
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Possession with Intent to Supply
  • Concerned in Supply

  • Conspiracy to Supply Drugs
  • Cultivation of Drugs
  • Production of a Controlled Drug
  • Importation of Drugs

  • Premises used for Drugs
Drug Offence Lawyers Glasgow

Success Stories

Miss….. Charged with supply of drugs.

“My first lawyer told me to plead guilty. He said I had no chance and would get about seven years at the High Court. I was not happy with that advice and transferred my case to John Kilcoyne & Co. They never told me that my case was hopeless. I went to trial and was found not guilty at the High Court in Glasgow. Delighted with the result.”

Success Stories

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