Donna Maxwell, aged 48, will face jail after falsely reporting that she had been stabbed outside of Ailsa Hospital in November 2018. 

The alleged crime reported by Maxwell resulted in a large police operation and an innocent women facing trail. 

However, further investigations revealed that Maxwell was responsible for her own injuries after stabbing herself. Evidence was led showing that she has bought a knife in Tesco with a serial number that matched the one used in the attack. Further evidence revealed that Maxwell had previously searched ‘women’s anatomy’ and ‘claim compensation is victim of crime’ on her mobile device. 

Maxwell denied this version of events. She maintained that she had been confronted by her alleged attacker before being stabbed. The investigations into this report cost  approximately £103,000 to investigate. 

It was held the reports were in fact false and that Maxwell was responsible for her own injuries. As such she was convicted for wasting police time. 

Sheriff Foran said: “The local community feared a knife attacker was at large, Ayr Hospital was secured for a period of time and further alarm was caused to one close colleague that she may have been the intended target.”

“Most heinously of all, your report led to a number of women being subjected to investigation and one was remanded for eight days.”

“You have shown no remorse or have you taken any responsibility.”

Maxwell was sentenced to one year in custody.