Goofing Sun, 26, appeared in court for money laundering offences. The court heard how Sun had made multiple trips across Glasgow between February and May 2021 with the purpose of depositing a total of £110,000 into various different banks accounts. 

His accomplice, Zechen Zhang, gave evidence against him at trial. Zhang pled guilty last year to money lauding a total sum of £325,000. He has served 11 months in prison for the offence. 

At his trial, Sun maintained that he did not know what he was doing constituted illegal activity and he was unaware that the money came from illegal activities. The crown suggested that “It must have been perfectly obvious to this exclusively educated student of business management. If it was not obvious to him, then I would be back at the university for a refund.”

Despite this, he was charged with money laundering, aggravated by serious organised crime.

He has been jailed for 9 months.