Mr Jaden Milne a member of Patriotic Alternative, was giving a talk at conference in Livingstone in 2021. The 17 minute speech was also broadcast online. 

Throughout his speech he made a series of racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic comments. He was reported to police. At the time of his speech, Milne was a member of Patriotic Alternative which is a Neo-Nazi and anti-Sematic group founded in July 2019. 

Milne claimed PA existed “to serve the race and secure the existence of our people”.

Following his arrest in February 2022 he was charged with offences under the Public Order Act 1986 and abusive and threatening behaviour with a racial, disability and sexual orientation aggravation. He pled guilty to both charges presented to him in court in October 2022.

Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Ferry said: “Hateful rhetoric such as that delivered by Jaden Milne is not welcome in our communities and we will actively investigate and take action against criminal behaviour such as this.

Counsel for Milne told the court how Milne had been experiencing difficulties brought on by the pandemic and members of the PA group had been there to support him through these troubles. The court also heard that Milne has bene facing the consequences of his actions as he has been forced to leave his Grandparents home, he has lost his apprenticeship and he has been removed from his HND college course. 

Milne allergy no longer holds these views and the sheriff acknowledged this stating “I note you are no longer a member of PA having left the organisation in July 2022 and you have sought to distance yourself from any members of that organisation and these views.”

He was given a Community Payback Order at Livingstone Sheriff Court with a condition to perform 225 hours of unpaid work and an 8pm-7am electronic tagging order for 90 days. He is also subject to a social work supervision order where his internet activity will be monitored. He is duly banned from any communication with any member of the PA group.