Mr Fraser McLeod, aged 29, has been convicted for sexually assaulting a 26 year old women in Glasgow’s SWG3 during Bongo’s Bingo. 

The court heard how Mr McLeod struck his victim on the buttocks while he was on a work night out. He was employed as an ambulance technician at the time and was previously in the Navy. 

McLeod had been drinking in excess that evening as well as taking four times the amount of his prescribed medication. As such, he asserted that he has no memory of his actions that night. When asked, he stated that he was disgusted by his actions and maintained that he did not gain any sexual gratification from his conduct.

McLeod was also convicted by the same court of three counts of assault for striking three other women that evening in a similar manner. 

Mr McLeod was visibly upset as the sheriff addressed him stating that “It’s killed me, I have worked so hard to get in the ambulance service and when this happened to me my life was destroyed – for me and my family it has just killed us all.”

Sheriff Allan Findlay said that “You will appreciate that’s the consequences for you.”

He has been granted bail until his sentencing which has been deferred to allow for background reports to be created.