Mr Allan Pollock, has been convicted of engaging in a course of conduct that put the family in a state of fear and alarm. 

Mr Pollock, aged 45, had been flying a drone over his sister, Hazel Burr’s garden while his sister was in the hot tub and his 19 year old niece was sunbathing. Further, he had been driving past their family home frequently and acted in an abusive manner towards his sister. 

After spotting the drone, the youngest victim Katie and her father decided to track where it was coming from. Katie told the court how the noticed the drone multiple time over lockdown when she was sunbathing in the garden. She continued to tell the court that when she tracked it with her father they discovered her uncle, Allan Pollock, round the corner with the remote. 

When asked how this made her feel, Katie described that “I found it a bit strange. I was creeped out.”

The sheriff said: “The evidence I heard about your behaviour in this case towards members of your family was disturbing.”

While flying a drone is not illegal, there are restriction on their use. Namely, privacy of others must be respected. 

He was sentenced to 240 hours of unpaid work.