Concerns have been raised after it has come to light that only fifteen prisoners have benefited from the Prisoners (Control of Release) (Scotland) Act 2015. These provisions state that prisoners who are due for release on a weekend (Friday) can be released earlier in order that they can have easier access to supports. The Scottish Government has made it clear this was not intended to mean there should be a ban on prisoners being released on a Friday. The figures gathered by ‘The Herald’ have stated since early 2016 when the Act came in to force only 15 people have had their release brought forward while 11,054 prisoners have been released on a Friday. It was acknowledged that being released on a Friday could pose a risk to vulnerable individuals as they would not be able to access supports as easily, such as housing. A spokesperson for the Scottish Prison Service has stated: “The power hasn’t been used much because it just hasn’t been required.” However, campaigners have criticised this and campaign for this to be used more efficiently.