Sami Uli Jabbar was travelling at around 80mph in a 30mph zone when his car collided with Harley Smith. Aged 16. The court heard that at the time of the incident conditions were dark and foggy. 

The school pupil was struck when he attempted to cross Polmont Road at Laurieston. The collision resulted in him suffering from a fatal head injury. 

Lord Mulholland stated: “Cyclists are as much entitled to use the roads, the Queen’s highway, as motorists and they are entitled to feel safe and be safe. You have taken a young man’s life. Loved by his family, you have delivered to them a life sentence, a life sentence of loss and grief,”

The court heard that a couple were out walking their dogs when they noticed the car being driven at high speed. They were concerned that the driver would lose control of the vehicle and motioned to the driver to attempt to slow him down. 

A motorist driving on the road at the time noticed Jabbar’s vehicle travelling at ‘a very high speed’. He observed the vehicle screeching to a halt and a person being propelled in the air to the heigh of what seem like the ‘top of the lamp post’. 

It was explained that collision investigators had reached the view that the collision and impact would not have occurred if the accused had abided by the speed limits. 

Lord Mulholland did not grant Jabbar bail ahead of sentencing him next month. Defence advocate, Tony Lenehan, said it was accepted that ‘a substantial prison sentence would be imposed’