A former advocate has been convicted of historical sexual abuse of four children. 

John Watt was extradited to Scotland from the US due to allegations of abuse against three girls and a boy over a 14-year period. The offences took places during the 1970s and 1980s 

He denied the offences. He blamed some of the sexual attacks on a lawyer who is now deceased. However, at trial he was found guilty of five charges 

He was found guilty of raping one girl as well as lewd and libidinous behaviour against another girl and a boy. He was also found guilty of indecently assaulting a third girl. The female rape victim told the court that her father – who was also a lawyer- took her to visit watt. She was 7 years old and at this time the abuse began. She told the court that she was raped by Watt on two occasions. 

Two sisters told the court that their lawyer father hosted gathering and Watt would attend. During an event one girl woke up to Watt at her bedside. She described being frightened and Watt sexually assaulted her. 

The third victim described told the court that the advocated looked after him whilst his parents were away. He told the court: ‘I was raped by John Watt. I know it was something I did not want’.

In giving his evidence, Watt stated that he had never seen the female rape victim and has ‘no recollection’ of the other incidents. He stated that he had never been in sole charge of the boy. 

Lord Braid told Watt: ‘”You have been convicted of very serious offences and a custodial sentence is inevitable.” 

He was remanded in custody pending sentencing on the 8th of August 2022.