Krishna Singh, from Airdrie, was found guilty of sexual offences against patients under his care. The offences took place between 1984 and 2018. 

Singh claimed that he had been using examination techniques which he had learned whilst training in India. His actions were against would and included four girls under the age of 16. The trial was heard over a period of 2 months at Glasgow High Court. 

His victims were subject to inappropriate touching, groping and lewd comments whilst being examined by the GP. The offences took place at medical practices. Hospitals and during at home visits with patients. 

Singh was found guilty by the jury and was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment. 

At sentencing Lord Armstrong: “You have been convicted after trial of 54 charges of calculated and manipulative sexual abuse of 47 women and girls in relation to who, as a general practitioner, you were in a clear position of trust. You perpetrated these crimes against your female patients persistently over a period of 34 years.”

He stated that Singh had breached his position of trust and carried out unnecessary examinations, he stated: “You undermined the trust of the medical profession by eroding the trust that women would have had.”