The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) has now implemented the process to facilitate virtual visits for inmates and their families across most Scottish prisons. SPS have said: “Roll-out to the remaining prisons will happen in the coming weeks and we anticipate that Virtual Visits will be available in all our prisons by the end of the month.”

Inmates will have the opportunity of one virtual visit per month which can take place between the hours of 9.00am-5pm and last for a maximum of 30 minutes. In accordance with the rules on face-to-face visits a maximum of three adults can participate in the call (no limit on the number of children).

It is hoped that the uptake of virtual visits will be positive with the intention to continue the service post COVID-19.

More information on virtual visits can be found on the Scottish Prison Service website. Support and information is also available from Families Outside who recognise some people may find the set up process/operation of virtual visits challenging.