Citations have been issued to potential jurors for the re starting of jury trial since the start of COVID -19. The Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service aims to hear jury trials in July.

A Working Group established in May specifically to consider how the reintroduction of jury trials can take place safely have agreed that trials will initially take place in Glasgow High Court and Edinburgh High Court. There will be two different models, – a three-court solution where the jury will use the public gallery in the courtroom, and a two court approach where the jury view proceedings remotely from a separate courtroom

The Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorian who leads the Working Group has said: “The Courts have been working extremely hard to deliver justice in the current Coronavirus circumstances.  I am satisfied that this work, along with the work undertaken by the Re-starting Jury Trials working group in collaboration with the SCTS and our justice partners, will enable jury trials to take place in a way that ensures the safety and confidence of jurors and all parties, and builds trust in our ability to operate within the strict guidelines set out by Public Health Scotland.”