The accused, Ian Baird, pled guilty to assaulting his partner during an altercation in May 2023. 

The couple had been drinking outside in the garden when matters escalated into an argument between Mr Baird and his partner. The accused followed the complainer into the house, despite her attempts to remove herself from the situation. 

As this point, Mr Baird ‘seized her body, punched her on the head and then struck her on the back of the head with an unknown object.’ 

Following the commotion, the police were called to the incident where they witnessed the complainer bleeding from her head. She received medical treatment consisting of three staples and two stitches. It is anticipated that there will be permanent scarring. 

The sheriff was unimpressed by arguments that Mr Baird’s behaviour was attributable to his  intoxication stating that ‘Alcohol is no excuse for this type of behaviour.’ 

It is also of note that the accused was on bail during the occurrence of this event, with one bail order having been granted only 6 days prior to this assault. 

The sheriff considered his previous convictions and nature of his conduct concluding that Mr Baird should be imprisoned for 18 months. In addition, a non-harassment order was imposed for a duration of 3 years.