A 48 year old man,Keith Ballentine, has been fined after a neighbour witnessed him performing a sex act in the common area of their flat. 

Mr Ballentine was seen to be performing oral sex on Kimberley Finnigan, witnessed by a neighbour who had to walk past the public display. She soon phoned the police and upon their arrival the conduct was still seen to be engaged in. 

Kimberley had previously pleaded guilty to the charge. 

The sheriff stated that the incident must have been ‘quite disturbing’ for the witnesses and expressed their dissatisfaction at the conduct of the accused. 

The accused stated that he was ‘genteelly remorseful’ for his behaviour and attributes it to his level of intoxication at the time. He has since accepted responsibility for his alcohol consumption reducing his overall intake. 

A fine of £470 was issued.