Alistair Douglas pled guilty to charges of being involved in criminal activity directed by one of his co-accused whom they also comprised to murder a man. The accused Mr Douglas was sentenced to five years and three months imprisonment which was discounted from six years for his guilty plea.

The appeal was heard by Lord Pentland and Lord Boyd. Ogg, solicitor advocate appeared for the appellant and Miller for the Crown. 

The accused accepted a lengthy sentence as this was inevitable but it was submitted that the sentence was excessive due to his limited role, lack of previous offending and his own personal situation. The accused also accepted that he made a really bad decision participating in the crime. 

Lord Pentland delivered the option to the Court and stated that the “offence to which he pled guilty was undoubtedly serious. He played a significant role in the activities of a serious organised crime group”. He also explained that “the headline sentence for the appellant was 40% lower than those selected for his co-accused, the sentences for each of whom appears to us have been relatively reliant”. 

It was important to note that the Court must focus on the question whether the sentence that was given was excessive in the while circumstances and in this situation it was agreed that it was not.

The appeal against the sentence as refused as a result of the seriousness of the crime.