Jamie Cunningham and Steven Quill have been convicted of being involved in the abduction and attempted murder of 23 year-old Keeron McCafferty. The victim was hauled into a car in Paisley after being beaten in 2021. 

The High Court in Glasgow heard that the victim had been short of cash and was offered money to ‘do a job’ for a friend. As a result of this job he agreed to meet a man in Broomsland Street in Paisley on the 2nd of December 2021. The victim had then went over to speak to an individual and recalled the stranger punching him before a car appeared. 

Mr McCafferty was then held hostage where the attackers demanded to know where his friend stayed. The victim was told to be quiet with the gang aware of an unsuspecting police car behind them at one point. The victim tried numerous times to break free when the car stopped at Langfauld Cemetery.

The 23-year-old victim was eventually helped before the police rushed him to hospital. 

In regards to the attempted murder charge the victim was assaulted to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and impairment as well as the danger to his life.

Both the accused have pled not guilty and will be sentenced next month.