Two men named Reece Govan and Bran Gallacher attacked Marc McDermott in 2020. One of the accused Mr Govan who had the shotgun was jailed for eight years and Gallacher who had a machete was jailed for 6 years.

A dog walker named Michelle Butler was unfortunate and was caught in the middle of the crossfire which resulted in her pet dog dying after being struck with 25 shotgun pellets.

Ms Butler had also sustained injury to her hand.

Judge Lord Colbeck at the High Court in Stirling said that “the offence to which you both pled guilty is an extremely serious one involving the use of weapons against not only the victim but also impacting upon an unsuspecting member of the pubic”.

Both the accused were given a three-year extension sentence to be served in the community.

During the Trial it was heard that Govan and Gallacher had chased Mr McDermott down a lane and struck him on the shoulder with the machete. 

The accused Gallacher has previously been jailed for 10 years for his involvement in the murder of Stephan McGinlay in 2014 and Govan also had a criminal history.