Mr Kenneth Quinn, aged 49, has been convicted of 10 charges at the High Court in Glasgow.

This includes two counts of rape, assaulting to severe injury and permanent disfigurement as well as engaging in abusive behaviour towards the first victim and charges of assault to injury towards the second victim, a young boy. The incidents occurred over the time period 1994-2021. 

With regards the first victim, the court heard how Quinn had been abusing her since the ealy 90’s with attacks being so frequent that it was not possible to pinpoint exact dates for each incident. The abuse involved but was not limited to, kicking the victim down the stairs, striking her with a dog lead, kicking her, hitting her, breaking her arm, restraining her and throwing food on her. The nature of this horrific abuse was relayed to the court alongside evidence that the victim would beg for Quinn to stop. The court heard how she was now scarred for life following his abuse. 

The advocate depute stated, “It was a relentless course of violence by you. It was merciless.”

With regards the second victim, his conduct involved physical abuse including throwing him to the ground, slapping him, grabbing his hair and throwing him down the stairs.  

Quinn maintained the the sex attacks did not occur admitting only to the physical harm of both victims. This was despite the fact that as the trial unfolded it was discovered that Quinn had confessed to the young boy that he raped the first victim. Quinn still maintained his innocence stating that the young boy was lying. 

When asked, Quinn stated , “I am utterly ashamed of myself. I am sorry to the bottom of my heart.” 

Mr Quinn has been remanded following his conviction until reports are created for the sentencing diet to take place.