Ian Stalker has been jailed for 6 years and four months after killing a Scottish Mum behind the wheel of his car.

On the 14th December 2020, Stallker was driving a Subaru Impreza when he struck Connie McCoy. She was was out walking in East Renfrewshire with her back to oncoming traffic and her headphones in. The sheriff told Stalker that he ‘should have seen the pedestrian.’

Stalker was test driving the Subaru Impreza at the time of the incident and was witnessed to driving in a dangerous manner by driving at excess speeds and undertaking other vehicles. 

The court heard how Mr Stalker mounted the pavement after losing control of his vehicle and hitting a nearby bus stop, tearing it from the ground. The vehicle then struck the victim, Connie McAvoy. The impact caused her to hit off the bonnet of the car, then the windscreen and then the roof. His lack of control over the vehicle only subsided when he collided with a metal fence. 

Miss McCoy suffered catastrophic injuries and was given CPR at the scene of the accident. 

Mr Stalker pled guilty to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving in Glasgow High Court.

When considering the sentence imposed on Mr Stalker, the sentencing sheriff stated that “I have read six victim impact statements which explain the tragic and harrowing consequences. There is no sentence available to me that can alleviate the impact of her death on her family and friends. “

The court also heard how Stalker was burdened with a substantial list of previous convictions, 27 in total with 2 for prior driving offences.

In addition to his custodial sentence of 6 years and four months, Mr Stalker has been disqualified from driving for 8 years and 2 months.