Liam Nelson, aged 26, first pled guilty to assaulting his partner at his home address. The court heard that Nelson had been drinking and started to argue with the woman. 

The prosecution stated that “He slapped her on the head and face and pushed her into the bedroom. He grabbed her by the jaw and she fell on to the bed.Nelson then placed his hands around her throat. She was in a state of fear and shouted that she couldn’t breathe.”

Officers arrived at the scene where the victim was visibly upset and injured. Nelson was arrested but he was released on bail. 

While on bail for his first offence, he continued on to have a relationship with another women. This women fell pregnant with his child. 

Nelson also admitted to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards this second women. 

The crown told the court that “It happened when she said she was leaving him. He became verbally abusive and threatened to kill her and the unborn child. He stated that she should take a pill.”

Sheriff Louise Gallagher stated that only a jail sentence was appropriate.

She continued, “You pled guilty to serious domestic offences but then, in the social work report, have sought to deny them and blame both women. You show a complete lack of insight into the impact of your conduct and the harm caused to the victims for whom you have a complete lack of empathy.”

In sentencing, his previous convictions for domestic abuse were considered and he was deemed to be a high risk for reoffending. 

He has been jailed for 18 months.