Anthony Stokes, 35, has been jailed for five months as a direct consequence of breaching a court order. 

Stokes was subject to a court order that prevented him from contacting his ex-girlfriend, Eilidh Scott and her family. He was subject to this order after he pled guilty to sending a string of abusive messages on WhatsApp and email to Ms Scott in September 2019. 

Stokes continued to message her accusing her of being unfaithful and questioning her ability as a mother. He done so through email and the court heard that a total of 14 emails were sent by Stokes. In addition, Stokes posted updates and similar threats on social media platforms.

He was given a four-year non-harassment order against Ms Scott and her parents in September 2019 and was to appear before the court in 2021 for sentencing. He failed to appear for sentencing and a warrant was issued for his arrest. 

He returned to Scotland and handed himself into police. 

In delivering his plea in mitigation, his solicitor stated, “He advises me he would comply with any community order but knows custody will be uppermost in the court’s mind.”

The sheriff was not convinced by such promises and stated that, “You were advised when you were sentenced to a community payback order that it was a direct alternative to custody and yet you have failed to comply. I can have no confidence that you would abide by the terms of a further community order.”