Paul McNaughton killed Peter Coshan in a flat in Leith, Edinburgh last year. The body of the college biology teacher was discovered weeks later after he was reported missing.

The murder charges states that McNaughton inflected injuries on Mr Coshan by means unknown. The incitement also states that the accused had previously shown ‘ill will’ towards the victim. His body was initially hidden at an unknown location in Edinburgh.

There were also fake calls made to his friends and family pretending to be him along with a car also being purchased with cameras inside that was disconnected. The body of Mr Coshan was collected from Edinburgh and was put in a suitcase and placed in the boot of a car.

Mr McNaughton’s KC John Scullion said that he was pleading guilty to the charges of murder and attempting to defeat the ends of justice. The accused was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next year.

The accused was also joined by 64-year-old Paul Black who pled not guilty to the same charges. Mr Black is to stand on trail next May and Paul McNaughton will be sentenced at the conclusion of that case.