Jacqueline Rodger admitted to embezzling £155,012 from Greenhills medical practice in East Kilbride between April 2014 and February 2018.

An internal investigation illustrated that Rodger had worked in the surgery since 2008 and was moving money to her own account disguised as dozens of fraudulent payments of locum doctors. As practice manager she had sole responsibility of running the centre and had access to the digital banking system.

Due to Rodger’s activities the surgery’s partners were forced to cancel its NHS contract and close the practice after her crimes were discovered. Kenny Donelly, depute crown agent said that “this women’s crime caused significant disruption to a community’s GP services”. 

Even after the conviction is secured it was confirmed that the COPFS will still continue to use Proceeds of Crime legislation to ensure that the funds which have been embezzled are confiscated and compensation is awarded to the victims of the crime.