18 months ago I went back home with my child, on my return to Scotland I put my child back to school and I went to work as I done for the past 8 years, the following week I was arrested at my work place and taking to the police, when I got at the police station I was charged with everything you can imagine, I had 20 charges against me, from  abduction of my own child, assaults against the mothers of my two child’s, stalking, two rapes and attempted of rape, etc…

The following day I appeared in court and I was granted bail but the procurator fiscal appealed and I was taking to Perth prison, I got bailed again but on the condition I would give my passport and my sons passport to the procurator fiscal which was a struggle as I was in prison and I couldn’t go home to get my sons passport, after 9 days in prison I managed for a friend to get my house keys from the prison to go to my house to get the passport and give to the procurator fiscal office and I was realised the following day. I went home and I thought my life was destroyed because of the lies of my ex. I went off work for three months, I was embarrassed to go back to my work place where I was arrested, after three months my boss helped me in going back to work doing different hours.

I went to see four different lawyers in my city and every single one a them told me to play guilty to some of the allegations and I was keep telling them I didn’t want to because I was innocent and all that was a lot of lies, I was set up by my two ex as they got together and planned all that to stop me to see my child’s but no one believed on me and they insisted I had to play guilty to something to reduce my jail sentence, at that point I thought my life was destroyed for life, I started looking for other lawyers and I phoned Mr John Kilcoyne, was around New Years time, he answered the phone and got me an appointment to go to see him, when I went and told him everything he asked me what was my position and I told him “no guilty to everything”. For the very first time I felt somebody believed me, he said to me he was going to fight my case to no guilty for every single allegation which was 20 allegations to start off, seven months later he went to court and got 14 allegations dropped of and I was left with 6 allegations. Even after been left with those six allegations I was still scared because it was rape, attempted of rape and four assaults.

The case was called to the high court and it was supposed to be a six, seven days trial, I though through 18 months my life was going to be destroyed, I was going to jail for rape and attempted of rape, I was going to be put on sex offenders list, I couldn’t see none of my child’s after that and even if I was getting out of jail soon or late who were going to give a job to a rapist, no one! When you are on that type of situation everything goes on in  your head, 18 months with antidepressants, sleeping tablets, the worse nightmare anyone can imagine.

By the time the case called on the high court Mr John Kilcoyne had all the case ready between him self and his team. At the end of the third day Mr Kilcoyne team proved they were all lies and they dropped four of the six allegations which left us with the rape and attempted of rape, on the fourth day the judge decided to make the decision him self as he didn’t want the jury to make that type of decision and his decision was to dropped the last two charges as well. It was no guilty to everything.

Not enough words to thank Mr Kilcoyne and his team to have believed on me and fight the all away through by my side to get the truth out.

Thank you very much to Mr John Kilcoyne and his team to have believed on my innocence, to have believed on me and had fight the all way through by my side.

Will never have enough words to thank Mr Kilcoyne and his team.