I was trying to console my partner one Saturday morning  and to my amazement she proceeded to attack me and phone her mother and the police alleging I assaulted her.

She became hysterical, the police came and arrested me and kept me in police custody until I went to court on the Monday.  I did not know any criminal defence lawyers and had to use the duty solicitor.

These allegations were false and I needed a good solicitor. My employment was also at risk if I was convicted. I was recommended to seek advice from John Kilcoyne & Co.  When I met with Mr. John Kilcoyne he explained the way to defend the case in intricate detail.

I pleaded Self defence and Mr John Kilcoyne advised he could get round the fact my partner had injuries and was hysterical on the phone to both her mother and the police.

I was under extreme pressure as I did not want a criminal conviction and lose my job. I wondered why my partner was lying about me. I thought that would be a difficult hurdle as the Judge would also wonder the same.

When Mr. John Kilcoyne conducted the trial he asked a number of questions I would never have thought of asking.

There was a number of discrepancies and inconsistencies in my partners case and Mr John Kilcoyne highlighted this to the Sheriff.   The sheriff found the case NOT PROVEN.

I avoided a criminal conviction and kept my job. I cannot thank Mr John Kilcoyne enough. If I retained the duty lawyer I fear what might  have happened. I really do feel it is incredibly important to have the right criminal defence solicitor on your side if you face criminal charges. In my case my lawyer made all the difference.