Alexander McKeller aged 31 was speeding and had been drinking when he caused the death of Mr Parsons.

It was noted that McKeller and his brother admitted to trying to defeat the ends of justice by hiding the body in a grave in September 2017.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that McKeller had collided with Mr Parson and did not seek medical assistance for Mr Parsons. 

The car that was involved in the incident was dumped in a nearby estate along with the brother’s phone. Then both brothers went to the Estate and hid Mr Parson’s body which was then taken to another location. 

Extensive searches were conducted to find the victim’s body which was eventually found in a remote area in January 2021.

A statement provided by Mr Parson’s family suggested that throughout the six years of the victim being missing the family have been left with many unanswered questions. 

Both brothers have been due to stand on Trial accused of the murder. Conversely, Mr McKeller pled guilty to the reduced charge of culpable homicide. 

His brother on the other hand entered a no guilty plea but both did admit to attempting to defeat the ends of justice. 

The trial is currently still continuing.