Lucy Haughey, aged 43, was abusive towards towards the victim, Miss Bell, in Queen’s Park, Glasgow before repeatedly posting on social media about her. 

Haughey appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged under s38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010. It was alleged that she had engaged in a course of conduct which caused the victim fear or alarm. 

The court heard evidence that the Haughey had been uttering offensive statement towards the victim, shouting and swearing at Miss Bell. She then continued on to post about her on social media. 

In addition, she was charged with resisting arrest. It was alleged that she struggled against arresting officers on a flight of stairs but she was found not guilty of this offence. 

Haughey has multiple previous convictions. First for for having sexual relationship with a 15 year old boy in 2017. She was given a three year Community payback order in relation to this offence. She also has previous convictions for stalking another women in 2022 for posting a video on social media. Lastly, she has a previous conviction for stalking a social worker in 2017 which was punished by 234 hours of unpaid work. 

Haughey has been fined £515 as a result of her conduct alongside a five-year non-harassment order was also granted which prohibits Haughey’s contact with her victim.