Mr Allan Whitelaw assaulted his neighbour Alan Roy as he made his way home from Lidl in July 2022. 

Roy, who had recently suffered a stroke, was left with severe injuries including three facial fractures and a broken back. Following the attack, Roy was rushed to hospital for an urgent CT scan. He is also still suffering with ongoing mental trauma and flashbacks following the attack. He told the court how he is fearful to leave his home.

Whitelaw was arrested and charged with assault to severe injury – a charge that can carry a custodial sentence of up to 5 years. 

However, the sentencing sheriff opted to utilise alternatives to custody following a convincing plea in mitigation delivered by Whitelaw’s representation. Whitelaw was instead ordered to carry out unpaid work and abide by a home curfew. He was also told not to contact Alan Roy. 

The victim Roy, stated with regards the sentence, “I’m absolutely gutted at the sentence. He’s got unpaid work – a few hours a week sitting in a van. It doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent for beating up disabled people.”