Lee Woods has pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to impersonating a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. He accessed various areas of the hospital including the maternity unit, A&E department, the children wards and the resuscitation departments. 

Woods dressed in a Nurse uniform and made his way around the hospital between March and July 2023. He was in NHS branded clothes and had a false nurse badge and NHS lanyard in his possession. 

The court heard how Woods had been challenged on his identity by other staff members in early March 2023 but no action was taken. It was not until July when he was recognised again that the security and police were actioned. 

His defence counsel, Cameron McCormack said that “The position is that he was a volunteer at the hospital and had authority to enter that department.” The sheriff requested proof of this matter and it was unable to be provided.

Woods appeared for sentencing earlier this week following his guilty plea. The Sheriff has deferred sentencing for three months to allow for the preparation of psychological reports. Although the Sheriff did state that he was considering imposing an anti-social behaviour order.

The Sheriff additionally warned Woods that in granting his bail, there was a condition not to ‘“impersonate an authority figure, does not wear the uniform of any authority figure, nor advise any member of the public that he is employed in a capacity as an authority figure.”