Mr McMullen was found guilty of the attempted murder of his partner’s 2 year old son at Glasgow High Court. Mr McMullen was found guilty by jury of inflicting “blunt force trauma” to the young boy by “means unknown” in December of 2016. He has received a custodial sentence of eight years and seven months.
The young child was left with serious injuries to his stomach and required surgery to save his life. His injures were compared with that sustained during a car crash. Giving evidence at his Trial the child’s mother stated she refused to believe the accused had done this deliberately when questioned by Mr McMullens QC. Luckily, the child has fully recovered now from the injures. When sentencing the accused Lord Armstrong stated: “You were in a position of the utmost trust…but for treatment, (the child) would have undoubtedly have died. You continue to deny responsibility and have displayed no remorse or regret.”