Shaun Rimmer was convicted of hitting and killing a pedestrian whilst attempting to flee police. On the 16th of August 2021 Rimmer was caught speeding on Great Northern Road, Aberdeen. 
Rimmer hit 48-year old pedestrian Simon Musabayana and then drove off. Mr Musabayana was rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and underwent several surgeries. However, he died almost four weeks after the incident. 
On the 16th of August 2021 Police Officers witnessed Rimmer driving a stolen Seat vehicle on Aberdeen Avenue. Police attempted to try and stop the vehicle and followed him. Police then switched on their lights and attempted to pull him over. Rimmer then sped off and other police cars in the proximity were radioed. 
Rimmer continued to speed and drove through a red light onto Northern Road. Mr Musabayna, a mental health nurse, was crossing the road and was hit by Rimmer who was doing 50mph in a 30mph area. Experts determined that had Rimmer not been speeding the collision would have been avoided. 
Rimmer then failed to stop and drove with his head out the window, as the damage had prevented him from having a clear view. Later, the car was found abandoned at St Machar Place. 
At the High Court in Edinburgh Rimmer plead guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. The Judge sentence him to eight years imprisonment and disqualified him from driving for 14 years.