Jordan Owens, 27, escaped to Europe after the murder of 23 year old Jamie Lee. Owens went on the run after shooting Jamie Lee in Castlemilk nearby a children’s play park. 
It was heard by the court that there was a low-level feud between the Owens and Lees families. The court heard that Jamie Lee told his partner on the night of the shouting that he had ‘rows’ with Owens. She pleaded with her partner to ‘forget about it’. 
Witnesses explained that they heard four gunshots and his mother rushed to his aid. She told the court: “He put his head on my legs and I just told him to lie down. He was saying that he was too warm and that it was sore.”
A pathologist determined “a single projectile” had “passed from left to right” fatally injuring Owens. No firearm was ever recovered by police.
After the shooting Owens escaped to Europe and it was rumoured that he was aided by criminal associates. However, he was eventually found and returned to Scotland to face court proceedings.
Owens pled not guilty to the murder at Glasgow High Court. However, he was convicted of both the murder of Jamie Lee and attempting to murder Joseph Lee by shooting him on the arm the same night. 
Lord Beckett sentenced Owens to a minimum of 23 years imprisonment. 
The judge stated that the murder appears to be ‘pre-meditated” as he had armed himself with a gun and wore a bulletproof vest. 
He continued: “This was your battle that you chose to escalate by shooting and murder.
Jamie Lee lost his life in his early 20s. His family has had to suffer his loss and his child will grow up without his father.”