Mark Campbell, 37 was convicted at Edinburgh High Court for killing his partner by striking her with a tyre iron.

Mr Campbell was also found guilty with several different charges including assaults and sexual offences against several different women in the Fife area. 

Jane Fitzpatrick’s body was found in a car on Cable Road on the 9th August 2021. The couple began their relationship in September 2020 where Mr Campbell continued to abuse his partner by isolating her from her friends and family as well as threatening her. 

Mr Campbell denied murdering his girlfriend and claimed that she had hit her head and had fallen asleep. Although this was his version of the story several other women had given evidence of physical and sexual abuse that Mr Campbell had previously inflicted upon them.

It was found that Mr Campbell had been abusing women since he was a teenager with one woman claiming he dragged her and pushed her down a flight of stairs while she was pregnant and forced her to eat raw meat.

Between 2004 and 2020, Campbell was convicted of raping three women and assaulting six women before murdering Jane. 

He is currently on the sex offenders register and will be sentenced at Stirling High Court on the 20th July 2023.