Justin McLaughlin was stabbed at High Street train station in Glasgow on the 16th October 2021 by an 18-year old boy Daniel Hag.  Mr Hag admitted to stabbing Justin however denies the murder. 

A 14-year old girl who had been with Justin on the day of the stabbing stated that she seen two boys on the platform one being Mr Hag. During her interview she told the police that Justin was shouting at the boys where then he grabbed and punched Mr McLaughlin.

The girl claimed that she seen one of the boys taking something from a bag which he had hidden in his top. It was then later found that it was a knife which had fallen on to the tracks. The knife was then retrieved and used to stab Mr McLaughlin. 

Justin was taken to the Royal Hospital for Children where he died from being stabbed in the heart.

The Trial is still currently in progress before Judge Lord Clark.