Aaron Gray pled guilty to an attempted murder charge and was sentence to nine years imprisonment. He jumped out of a vehicle and began firing at the property in Edinburgh. 

The court heard that Stephen Wernham and his partner Angela Smith lived at the property at the time.

Advocate Depute, John McElory KC, stated: “Gray exited and approached the path. He was wearing dark clothing with a hood up. He shouted in the direction of (the property) whilst holding a handgun. Gray began shooting in the direction of the house. Multiple loud bangs were heard which sounded like gunshots. Gray got back in the car before the vehicle sped off. Mr Wernham was meantime heard to shout: “Dodie’s shot at my wife.”

Ms Smith had been standing at the window when the shots were fired. Police found four bullet casings and a bullet in the frame of a shattered window. 

Gray was sentenced to nine years imprisonment and will be supervised for four years on his release. The Court heard that he had a lengthy history of violence which included a seven-year sentence in 2012.