Michael Roberts preyed on two teenage girls by approaching them in his car. 

Michael Roberts approached the girl in Maryhill in the early hours of the morning. The girl told the jury that he aggressively told her to get into his car. He offered to help her avoid a ‘bunch of boys’. The victim refused and Roberts told her that ‘he was going to rape her’. He approached another 16-year-old girl 10 days later in Cardonald. 

The jury heard that he called the girl ‘sexy’ and offered her up to £100 to get into his car. 

He was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards the girls. 

One of the girls told that the court that she was concerned as he ‘wasn’t taking no for an answer’. Roberts drove his car around the street to be closer to her and he asked her to come in again. He became more aggressive and said ‘“Just get in the fucking car, I’m just going to drive you home.” 

The girl told the jury that he opened the car door and tried to grab her. The girl stated that: “He said that I was to get in his car and he was going to rape me.”

She then ran until she reached home a short distance away. She reported the matter to police and the court viewed CCTV evidence which showed part of the incident. 

Another girl told the court that she was walking in Cardonald and she noticed the car parking. The driver tried to speak to her and asked for directions. He then said, ‘You are fucking sexy you” before he “sped off.”

He was found guilty of the charges and sentence was deferred for reports to be obtained. Roberts appeared from custody and his remand period continued.