Formal Aberdeen Solicitor John Sinclair has been jailed for two years for embezzling £12,000 from a pensioner who was suffering from dementia. 

Mr Sinclair stole money from a woman who was said to be in her nineties after being granted with power of attorney back in 2014. He argued that she allegedly give him permission to transfer the money in to his own bank accounts.

The accused was caught out by his colleagues at the firm where he was working who then had alerted another solicitor about the issue who then informed the Law Society of Scotland.

Upon the Law Society getting involved and the police his office was then searched and a £60,000 tax demand was recovered. After the accused was confronted of this, he then proceeded to delete the entries in order to attempt to defeat the ends of the justice.

It was uncovered that a note had been written by him stating that he had authority to borrow money from her accounts but the note was never signed by the victim. 

As a result of this, the Law Society ended up involving the police and Mr Sinclair was sentenced in Aberdeen Sheriff Court after being found guilty.