James Hurst, 28 an ex-West Brom and Wrexham footballer has been remanded in custody after being found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court of coughing at Police Officers and telling them he had coronavirus.

Mr Hurst had contacted the Police claiming to be the victim of domestic abuse. When the officers arrived Mr Hurst advised the matter had been resolved, although it was at this stage the Police became aware of an outstanding warrant for him.

Mr Hurst was arrested after swearing at the officers stating they were “Scottish slaves”. The court heard he went on to claim he had coronavirus and threatened to “cough and spit all over” them. As they were placing handcuffs on him, Mr Hurst began to cough in the faces of the officers.

The court heard Mr Hurst continued to verbally abuse the officers saying “You are not the law, you are civilians in uniform, Queen’s country rules, you live in Scottish slums, I am superior”.

Sentence has been deferred to the end of the month for background reports.